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Travelling in Mozambique

Travelling in Mozambique

Common sense
As with travelling anywhere in the world getting around will be much easier if you apply common sense. Mozambique is a wonderful country with amazing people who are friendly, accommodating and always eager to please, so to get the most from it you must enter it with a fresh outlook and no preconceived ideas.

  • Obey the rules
  • Stick to the speed limit
  • Always ensure you have cash on you
  • Carry your own medical kit with you where possible
  • Try and keep you vehicle’s petrol tank above halfway
  • Purchase bottled water where possible
  • Wash fruits before you eat them

Fast Facts








Metical (MTn), US Dollars and South African Rand widely used but change is given in MTn


Total: 801,590 km2 of which 17,500 km2 is water and 784,090 km2 is land


Portuguese (official), indigenous dialects with many people also being able to speak English although not common


220V/50Hz (European plug)

Int. Dialing Code


Internet TLD


Time Zone

GMT +2

Travel Tips

Arriving by car
Travelling by vehicle you will need to take a series of items with you. These include:

  • Passport
  • Valid International or South African drivers license
  • Vehicle Registration Forms – or a certified copy thereof and a letter from your bank granting you permission to leave the country with the vehicle
  • Insurance letter – from your insurance company outlining your cover while in cross-border transit
  • Third Party Insurance – can be bought at the border, at any Outdoor Warehouse, or a Travel Agent.
  • Two reflective triangles (large)
  • Reflective jacket