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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have running water?
Yes we do have running water; however we do not treat or filter, meaning that you drink it out of your own accord.

Is there electricity on the island or do you use generators?
Yes we do have electricity and all of the chalets have electricity as well.

Do we need to bring all of our own food and if so what are we allowed to bring?
Its best to bring your supplies from South Africa as there are no shops or supermarkets on the island, only Spaza shops with basic goods. However there is both a Shoprite and Pick ‘n Pay in Maputo that are as fully equipped as any store you may find in South Africa.

Can you bring meat in?
Yes you are allowed to bring your own meat across the border and into the country but please ensure it is vacuum packed or it may be confiscated.

Do I need a 4x4 to get to Tan-‘n-Biki?
No a 4x4 is not necessary to get to the lodge however if your car is very low or you have very low profile tyres you could experience problems boarding the ferry.

Can you scuba dive at Tan ‘n Biki?
Not at Tan ‘n Biki but you can do it at Inhaca Island, and we provide a boat trip service to the island. Booking is essential.

I hear the police in Mozambique like to lock up tourists. Is that true?
No, some might try to use this to scare you to get a bribe, but this practice is being eradicated across the whole country.

I hear the beach is far from the site. How far?
Not at all, our site is situated directly adjacent to the beach. The chalets closest to the beach are a mere 150m and the furthest are 500m.

Do I need a visa to get to Mozambique?
If you are a South African citizen then no you don’t, but most foreigners do need one. Please check with your consulate or the Mozambican consulate in your country.

I want to bring my children to Tan ‘n Biki, is it safe for them in a malaria area?
This is a malaria area, however we haven’t personally experienced any amongst ourselves as yet. Taking medication is a personal decision and one that should be taken in consultation with your local doctor. Tan ‘n Biki is however very child friendly and many of our guests are families.

Do you have credit card facilities?
We do have a credit card machine yes, but the service is very erratic and it isn’t always working so we would urge you to bring cash with you or arrange to pay before you arrive via EFT.

If the ferry is broken can we still come?
Yes, there is an alternative route passed Maragra, but this trip is quite long and can only be offered by previous arrangement.

What times does the ferry operate?
Ferry operation times are 06:00 – 19:00 seven days a week. Extended hours can be arranged in peak seasons and for special occasions, but please give us fair notice if this is the case.

I hear there is a lot of cholera in Mozambique. Do you have it at Tan ‘n Biki?
Cholera is being eradicated in Mozambique, and as we get our water supply directly from the ground, there are no acrid open water sources or open sewerage in our area. We have never had any reports of it on the island.

Is it safe to swim in the sea?
The waters of Macaneta are gorgeous and it is great to swim in the ocean especially at low tide. However we are dealing with the sea so never turn your back, test the currents to ensure they are safe to swim in at any given time and always watch children as there are no life guards on the island.

What activities do you have for the children?
The beach, the beach sand, more sand, the ocean, stunning safe open areas for them to explore and be kids as well as our swimming pools, lots of doggy friends and a jungle gym currently under construction.

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