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Travelling in Mozambique

Travelling in Mozambique

Common sense
As with travelling anywhere in the world getting around will be much easier if you apply common sense. Mozambique is a wonderful country with amazing people who are friendly, accommodating and always eager to please, so to get the most from it you must enter it with a fresh outlook and no preconceived ideas.

  • Obey the rules
  • Stick to the speed limit
  • Always ensure you have cash on you
  • Carry your own medical kit with you where possible
  • Try and keep you vehicle’s petrol tank above halfway
  • Purchase bottled water where possible
  • Wash fruits before you eat them

Useful Links
Follow the DriveMoz Facebook Page for up-to-the-minute information on border times, COVID protocols, and other essential information.

Fast Facts








Metical (MTn), US Dollars and South African Rand widely used but change is given in MTn


Total: 801,590 km2 of which 17,500 km2 is water and 784,090 km2 is land


Portuguese (official), indigenous dialects with many people also being able to speak English although not common


220V/50Hz (European plug)

Int. Dialing Code


Internet TLD


Time Zone

GMT +2

Travel Tips

Arriving by car
Travelling by vehicle you will need to take a series of items with you. These include:

  • Passport
  • Valid International or South African driver’s license
  • Vehicle Registration Forms (if you are still paying off your vehicle, you need certified copies from the institution that is financing your vehicle, eg. Wesbank)
  • Border letter from your vehicle insurance company, stating the time period of your journey and to which country or countries you’re travelling.
  • Mozambique Third Party Insurance - click here to purchase online through Hollard Insurance, or available at select outlets
  • Two reflective triangles
  • Two reflective jackets
  • Fire extinguisher

The best time to travel to Mozambique is all year round! While the country boasts a beautifully warm climate throughout the year, the months between May and October are warm while the nights are a bit cooler.  The remainder of the year, November to April, is much warmer with temperatures often reaching over the 40 degree Celsius mark on the mercury and high rainfall is also experienced over this time.  However rain showers are quick and don’t usually detract from holiday time. On a whole there is no bad time to visit the country as the climate is moderate to warm and winters are never bitterly cold ensuring you can swim all year round.

Mozambique and Macaneta is a Malaria area.  Please consult your doctor before entering the country as to what precautions and medication you can take before your arrival.

Cash and Forex
You can request forex from your bank, otherwise you can change money at the Komatipoort Sasol located about 3km before the border and within the boundaries of South Africa.  But check exchange rates before you leave or contact Tan ‘n Biki as they are able to handle your forex needs.

There are ATM’s throughout Mozambique that do take South African cards, but please inform your bank that you will be using these facilities and or credit card facilities while you are abroad. DO NOT change money at the border many people have been defrauded here!!

There are ATM's in Marracuene (the town just before the bridge) so if you are stuck for cash a plan can be made.  Credit cards are accepted in most parts of Mozambique.

Foreign Exchange facilities are available at the Tan ‘n Biki offices.

Cell reception
There is cellphone reception right through Mozambique as well as in Macaneta - please ensure your roaming is turned on to be able to take advantage of it.  Smartphone users of devices like Blackberry and iPhone remember to switch your data services OFF when crossing the border – your Facebook updating itself or receiving email can create a hidden cost you never budgeted for!

In off-peak season the border post at Komatipoort is open from 6am – 12am, but please check the Internet or call the SA Embassy to confirm.  Remember your car papers! Getting through the border can take 30min or it can take 3hours depending on season and traffic.  The South African side of the border is a breeze.

If you are a first time visitor you may want to get advice from one of the reputable insurance companies on the Mozambique side of the border. They will be able to help you with what you need to do and where you need to go. Please DO NOT get help from some random person who knocks on your window – you MUST ask either a customs official or one of the insurance companies.

Again IGNORE the people who knock on your window, no matter how persistent they are. English is spoken by some of the border officials.

Purchasing food
We now have our own butcher to supply all your needs. But if you decide to bring your own food, you are able to take certain items across the border, but please check this with customs online. There are a number of supermarkets throughout Maputo where you can buy anything your heart desires.  Conveniences are available at the Tan ‘n Biki offices and there are small “Loja’s” or shops and bottle stores in Macaneta and the town of Marracuene.

Follow the rules
At all times while in Mozambique, stick to the laws and in particular the traffic laws. While there are many horror stories about Mozambique any eventuality can be avoided if you simply stick to the rules. The police will not pull you over for no reason, but wear your seatbelt at all times, ensure you have your reflective jacket and triangles on you as well as all your paperwork in the vehicle.

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