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The heartbeat of paradise

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About us

About us

Tan ‘n Biki... our slice of paradise

Established in 2006, Tan ‘n Biki is a family owned and operated lodge, nestled amongst the dunes of the beautiful Mozambican peninsula island of Macaneta.

Its owners Lester and Betsie Mouton are actively involved in the day-to-day running of the lodge and seek to create an environment that is inviting, friendly and family orientated.  As part of their desire to give back to the community, they employ only local people, make use of only local materials in their buildings and strive to work with and uplift the people of Macaneta.

As a result Tan ‘n Biki offers a perfect Mozambique experience.  Its gorgeously designed chalets and luxury hotel rooms provide an insight into the local culture and blend in perfectly with their surrounds.  The friendly and helpful staff are always willing to assist customers with any problems they may have, and the exuberant team at the Canimambo restaurant are always eager to entertain and delight visitors with their food.

If you are popping in from Maputo for the day or visiting for a weekend or a week from a neighbouring country, the Tan ‘n Biki team want to ensure that your Macaneta holiday meets and exceeds all of your expectations.  Its quality promise is to be the perfect Mozambican holiday destination for the family, friends or a romantic getaway.

Are you ready to experience the heartbeat of paradise?

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